St Andrews C of E Primary School

St Andrew's C of E Primary School

Parent Survey Results  Spring 2017


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Parent Comments:

Here is a selection of comments from our parents that we feel demonstrate the progress made by the school over the last eighteen months:

  • 'My child looks forward to coming to school everyday.'
  • 'My daughter is always excited about going back to school after a weekend or holiday.  She thoroughly enjoys the topics and has made lots of friends across the year groups.'
  • 'My daughter days she is happy and St Andrew's is the best school ever!'
  • 'My son is very happy to come to school each day.  He has made some lovely friends and likes his teachers a lot.'
  • 'My daughter loves going to school and looks forward to Mondays!'
  • 'I feel happy with all the measures that have been put into place to make my son feel safe.  He knows where to go when he is having a wobble and is supported when this happens.'
  • 'It's a safe, happy environment, providing lots of support and care.'
  • 'My daughter has made good progress so far this year.  She loves to learn and is always keen to do more work, even at home.'
  • 'My daughter has mad more progress at St Andrew's within the first half term than she did in over a year at her previous school.  Her teacher has been inspirational for her and I have seen significant changes in her in many ways.'
  • 'My daughter has shown great progress this year so far.  Not only academically but in her self-esteem and confidence.'
  • 'My son has shown excellent progress in the last year.  I am happy how is moving forward and the support he gets enables this.'
  • 'I feel my daughter has matured and developed as a person as well as with numeracy and literacy skills.'
  • 'The class teacher is a fantastic teacher and literally brings topics to life, inspiring the children to learn and retain valuable information.'
  • 'My son finds lessons interesting and fun and we are thrilled with his progress.'
  • 'My son is allowed to learn at his pace in a way that is comfortable with, strategies are put in place to him him through difficult tasks which is great.'
  • 'The Headteacher sets high expectations and the children respond to this well.'
  • 'The Headteacher has made excellent impact on the school since taking over and we trust him absolutely.'
  • 'Within the short time I have seen examples of what a great head teacher he is.  It is clear the best interests of the children is paramount and I am delighted with my decision to move my daughter to this school.'
  • 'The Headteacher is a great role model for a headmaster, engaging with the children and parents alike and putting in so much extra time and effort all round.'
  • 'All the staff that I know are great.  The headteacher is very good with the children and parents. My feeling is that he loves the school and wants it to succeed.'
  • 'The ethos of the school is evident from attending worship.  Children appear to be focusing on the golden rules in lessons.'
  • 'The values are strong and my daughter talks about them at home drawing comparisons when things crop up.'
  • 'The class teachers are very approachable and receptive to any queries or concerns.'
  • 'The class teacher is marvellous both academically and in her pastoral role.'
  • 'Both my son's teachers are lovely, always available if I need to talk to them.  I see a class teacher every Tuesday and she always makes time to chat with time and is very lovely and personable.'
  • 'I am kept informed about what my child is learning especially now the terms schedule is emailed.  This has been a great help.'
  • 'I found the information presented at this parents evening is considerably improved quality compared to last year.'
  • 'The little progress reports at the Parents' Evenings are very useful, thank you.'
  • 'Information at Parents' Consultations is good.'
  • 'My child knows their next steps and this has been a fundamental key to my daughter's progress.'
  • 'I cannot fault the office staff.  So efficient, friendly and yet professional.'
  • 'This is a unique school - very approachable.'
  • 'St Andrew's is a friendly small school with a great community of pupils and staff.'
  • 'I love the school and everything about it; I would definitely  recommend the school to anyone.  My son is a different boy to the one he was at his old school and I am so glad that we made the move, thank you.'