St Andrews C of E Primary School

St Andrew's C of E Primary School

Our link school in Sierra Leone

St. Andrew's School links with Sierra Leone through the Diocese of Chichester and the charity Education West Africa were re-instated in 2010.


Our link school is SLC Primary School Nekabo, Nongowa Chiefdom, Kenema District in the Anglican Diocese of Bo.


During this time the children at St. Andrew's have been involved in

- writing letters to children in the school at Nekabo, sending photos of class and whole school activities.

- receiving a letter from the Headteacher and letters and drawings from the children in Nekabo school.

- welcoming 'Pep Sharman' from Education West Africa to our worship times, hearing from her and seeing photos and film about her visits to Sierra Leone.

- welcoming Edward Luseni the charity's link officer in Sierra Leone to our school and asking questions about life in Sierra Leone.

- sending money collected at our Christmas Fair, Christmas service and Nativity Play performances to the charity to support the buying of school uniforms for the children and desks and seats for the classrooms.